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Detective Codes 2020: Hi friends! I hope you all are doing great! In today’s post, I’ m going to introduce all of you to Detective codes.


Before we start, Most people still don’t know about this game. So here we want to become a little guide for all those new strangers who want to know more about the game.


We all want some thrill, drama, action, and adventure in our life. Most of the players usually get bore from daily basis games. Therefore, here we came up with an exciting detective game! If you want to take your passion for mystery beyond reading books and explore some detective games, then you are in the right place.


Detective Codes


Detective Codes Roblox | Free Detective Codes 2020 | Valid 2020 Detective Code 

Detective game is a free mystery game platform that works on the role play. Either player can become the detective. Then the job is to find out clues as to an innocent and stop the suspect. Or become suspect and disgrace innocent and detective. Look out for cop.


The main motive of the game is to earn coins, unlock cases and find all the clues. That’s why we introduce promo codes and a wide variety of offers that will help you to receive such an amazing amount of perks!


The role play duties are

  • The suspect –  Need to throw out all players from the game to win the level.
  • Cop – Need to arrest the suspect to win the game.
  • Detective – The name suggests its meaning itself. Find and reveal the suspect to the cop.
  • Innocent – Need to find the first 3 clues and collect coins to become the detective.


100% Top List of Detective Codes 2020

All the latest and working codes presented in one single list, so you can apply the codes and enjoy all the free rewards. Most of them provide you coins and perks! However, we always keep our promo codes list updated, so if you want to enjoy the latest working code, please check back or bookmark this page.


DETECTIVE – Moreover, as the Detective, it is your job to find the Suspect using the detective tool to let the innocents know who the suspect is.


COP – On the other hand, eliminate the Suspect to win the round for both you and the innocent


SUSPECT – Eliminate all players in the game to win the round


ANT Use the detective code to get 1,500 coins in your game. This coupon can be used only once. Use the code before time runs out.


Release  Enter the detective code and receive 100 coins. Use now before it expires!


release100 Apply the code and you will get some coins. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab such amazing offers.


CCFHBDBGDOHA Get 100 free coins by applying the detective codes. Wait and play to earn points and grab this amazing deal before time runs out.


INNOCENT – On the other hand, as an Innocent player your job is to stay alive and possibly become the Detective if you find all the clues to become it.


Redeem Free 2020 Codes & Unlock Mysteries


It has made easy to redeem codes in Roblox.

To redeem the codes, the user needs to click on the redeem icon that will be on the left side of the screen.

Enter the promo code from the above list and then click on confirm.

The discount will be applied and enjoy the deal.

Get all the codes in just one place.

Make it easy and entertainment by learning all the details of the detective game 2020.


However, our website offers you thousands of fun and exciting games. We make it our mission to offer fresh, innovative, unique ideas games on Roblox platform.  We provide every game code to make it more interesting.  Discover a game to your liking? You can create games, add games on Roblox. Just check out for the codes to play such games.


Detective Codes | Free Number Codes 2020 | Valid March 2020 Secret Writing Code


Online gaming has taken the world of entertainment to a whole new level. The best thing about these games is that they can be played online without spending anything from the pocket. Playing online games can be a great way to relieve stress.

Just take a break during your busy time and play a game. What is better than playing a free game. Don’t forget to apply the detective codes to enjoy such ultimate rewards!

Play and have fun. We are having the best codes online which help you to solve the mystery. Users can test their detective skills as well. Check out the crime scenes, investigate and expose the suspect. The one who loves mastermind games. This is especially for them. Solve the puzzle to win the reward by applying the Detective Codes of 2020.


Roblox Detective Game & Free Detective Codes 2020

Nothing can give you as much fun as this game would do. These games are mainly meant for those who like drama, investigation and mostly who is crazy about Sherlock homes. Our website will help you to play this type of game and earn coins and unlock some cases.

The advantage of playing online games is that you don’t have to download them. You can play them online, and if you don’t like one, you can move to another one as well.


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